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Unions, employer groups settle municipal sector labour dispute

Negotiations between municipal workers’ unions and employer groups had been in deadlock for months.

Earlier this year, municipal workers went on strike. Employer groups and unions resolved the dispute this week. Image: Antti Haanpää / Yle
Yle News

Collective bargaining negotiations between municipal workers' unions and employer groups aimed at resolving a months-long industrial dispute in the sector have concluded with both sides reaching an agreement.

Approximately 300,000 municipal employees are covered by the new deal, which includes a two-percent pay rise starting from June. The agreement also includes a five-year pay programme that will enter into force next year and see wages in the municipal sector increase by 5.1 percent above normal cost-of-living increases.

The dispute in the sector had been ongoing since January, with widespread strikes by municipal workers in the spring putting further pressure on the negotiations.

However, nursing unions did not participate in the negotiations, and announced they would continue their campaign for pay increases after the summer break, while preparing for a campaign of mass resignations.

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