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Sanna Marin prepared to take drug test following party video criticism

The Prime Minister answered media questions on Thursday after videos of her partying with Finnish celebrities spread on social media.

Sanna Marin.
Videos of Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) partying with Finnish celebrities have spread on social media. Image: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva
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Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) has said she is willing to take a drug test if necessary, in response to accusations that references to drugs were made at a party she attended.

"I have nothing to hide. I have never taken drugs," she said.

Marin's comments come after opposition Finns Party chair Riikka Purra called on her to voluntarily take a drug test during an interview (in Finnish) with Helsingin Sanomat. A similar call was made on Twitter by Mikko Kärnä, an MP with Marin's coalition partners the Centre Party.

Speaking to journalists at Kuopio airport, where she was attending her party's summer congress, Marin said she did not understand why there were calls for her to take a drug test.

"I have seen no evidence that anything has been used anywhere," she said.

Videos of the Prime Minister partying with various Finnish celebrities and public figures have spread throughout social media. The videos, stitched from numerous clips, show Marin and other partygoers dancing and singing together.

Some media outlets have reported that the term jauhojengi (or "powder gang", a reference to cocaine usage) can be heard in one of the clips. However, social media users have pointed out that the term used is more likely to be "jallujengi" or "jallu jenny", an apparent reference to the Finnish liquor Jaloviina.

Marin: Videos should have been kept private

According to Marin, the videos are private and were filmed in a private residence a few weeks ago. She said to the media on Thursday morning that she was aware she was being filmed, but thought that the videos would remain private.

"I am upset that these videos have become public. It was about me having a night out with friends. Partying -- even in a boisterous way -- dancing and singing," Marin explained.

Pääministeri Sanna Marin juhli ystäviensä kanssa videolla, jonka osat kuvattiin elokuun alussa.

The evening had continued from the private apartment to two more bars in Helsinki, Marin clarified to the media, but declined to comment on who may have leaked the videos.

The Prime Minister said that she had consumed mild alcoholic beverages, but no drugs.

"Personally, I did not take drugs, nor did I consume anything other than alcohol. I danced, sang, and partied - perfectly legal things. And I've never been in a situation where I've seen or known of others [using drugs]," Marin said.

Marin has previously said that she wants to shake up the institution of Prime Minister, but that is not what the parties are about, she emphasised.

"I want to show that there are ordinary people with ordinary lives in these jobs. I have a family life, I have a work life and I have free time to spend with my friends. Pretty much the same as many people my age," Marin explained.

Marin's partying has also been in the news before. In December last year, the Prime Minister spent a night out at a club in Helsinki, leaving her official work phone at home. As a result, she was not informed of her exposure to Covid and continued to enjoy the evening.

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