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Police: Dangerous owl head-shaped drug circulating around Tampere

A similar drug was reported this past week by the East Uusimaa police as well.

The owl-head shaped tablets are suspected by police of being illegal drugs. Image: Sisä-Suomen poliisi
Yle News

The Central Finland Police have issued a warning about a particularly dangerous drug circulating in the Tampere region.

According to the police, it is probably the same substance that the East Uusimaa police warned about on Friday.

The tablets seized by the Tampere were in the shape of an owl's head.

"The exact composition of the substance in question is unknown and it can pose a particular danger to the life and health of the user," said the police announcement on Saturday.

According to the police, there is reason to suspect that the tablets are illegal narcotics.

The East Uusimaa police previously said that the substance in the tablet that was circulating in the Porvoo area was benzodiazepine and ecstasy.

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