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Tourism returns to pre-covid levels

As international travel has not rebounded to the same level as before the pandemic, the comeback is mostly due to domestic tourism.

Helsinki-Vantaan uudistettu lentoasema.
International tourism in Finland tripled since July of last year. Image: Ronnie Holmberg / Yle
Yle News

The total number of nights spent by domestic and international tourists in July was at the same level as three years ago, according to preliminary data from Statistics Finland.

The proportion of foreign tourists has decreased since the pandemic. In July 2022, there were 29 percent fewer international travellers than in July 2019. Most international tourists came from Sweden, Germany and the United States.

However, overnight stays by foreign travellers appeared to be on the rise, with the year-on-year rise for July 2022 tripling.

A total of 2.69 million nights were spent travelling by domestic tourists, while the corresponding figure for international travellers was about 570,000.

Domestic tourism boom

Domestic tourism rose by nine percent since July 2019 and hotel occupancy rates were 61 percent, roughly the same figure as July 2021.

This summer, tourist offices in many of Finland's largest cities report a steady rise in the number of domestic visitors.

Over the last three years, the biggest rise in domestic tourism has especially come from people aged 18-44.

The main reasons cited for the choosing of domestic holidays were interest in local areas and climate consciousness.

Additionally, Finland's national parks were still drawing crowds this summer after peak attendance in 2020, spurred by the pandemic and limited destination options.

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