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Poll: More than half of Finns worry about electricity bills

Most people in Finland are trying to save electricity, a government-commissioned survey finds.

Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle
Yle News

More than half of Finns said they worry about the rising price of electricity, according to a government-commissioned Citizens' Pulse survey. However, around a quarter of respondents said they were not concerned about paying more for electricity.

Household income was closely linked to how people said they felt about rising electricity prices. More than 70 percent of low-income groups said they worried about soaring energy prices, compared to only a third of better-off respondents. Around half of middle-income earners said electricity bills were a concern.

People living in single-family homes, particularly those whose houses are electrically heated, expressed more apprehension than those living in terraced homes or apartment buildings.

Most of the respondents said they had made an effort to reduce their electricity consumption, including taking shorter showers and running electronic appliances less. Other popular savings methods were lowering the indoor temperature, reducing driving and spending less time in electrically heated saunas.

Only 14 percent of respondents said they had not altered their habits to save electricity.

The Citizens' Pulse survey interviewed 1,082 Finns aged 15-74 and was conducted between 7-12 September.

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