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At least 100 new Finnish passports sent to wrong recipients

A mail sorting system malfunction has affected a batch of up to 550 passports according to police.

Persons who have received a passport belonging to another person due to a distribution problem are asked to return it and its envelope immediately to the collection point. Image: Matias Väänänen / Yle
Yle News

Finland's National Police Board reported on Tuesday that at least 100 newly-issued passports were delivered to the wrong recipients.

On Monday, Risto Laamanen accidentally received a passport belonging to someone else, and the mix-up was thought to be an isolated incident.

However, on Tuesday the agency announced that the delivery mistake affects a batch of up to 550 passports, blaming the issue on a mail sorting system malfunction.

The Police Board's chief inspector, Juhani Ruutu, said the remaining passports were recalled as soon as the error was noticed.

"According to current information, the extent of the problem is a maximum of 550 passport shipments, of which approximately 100 have been recorded as distributed to citizens," Ruutu told Yle.

Individuals who have received the wrong passports are being asked to immediately return the document to the delivery point where it was picked up. They will also be notified when and where they can pick up their new passports with a new notification due in roughly a week.

Authorities advised people needing their passports sooner to contact the police department that issued the document.

The board said that passports from the affected batch will no longer be handed over at pickup points. The Police Board's Senior Officer, Hanna Piipponen, said the affected passports were not missing and have been traced.

"That's why we have close monitoring, so that we can track everyone's shipments and these kinds of errors are reviewed to the end," Piipponen told Yle.

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