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Finnish military procuring light anti-tank weapons for €58m

Deliveries of the shoulder-fired devices are scheduled to begin next year.

Nammo Lapua, based in the South Ostrobothnian municipality of Lapua, is part of a Norway-headquartered international aerospace and defense company, Nammo.

The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) have received authorisation to purchase an unspecified number of a shoulder-fired, light anti-tank weapon system, the 66 KES 12.

The procurement approval was announced in a statement issued on Monday by the Minister of Defence, Antti Kaikkonen (Cen).

The deal for the 66 KES 12 system will be made with arms equipment firm Nammo Lapua, and valued at around 58 million euros. It will be financed through the state's supplementary budget, according to the defence ministry.

The acquisition will help strengthen the anti-tank capability of Finnish troops, the ministry said, adding that the 66 KES 12 is primarily meant to be used against lightly-armoured vehicles.

Kaikkonen said that the purchase would help boost the country's defence supplies, the domestic defence equipment industry as well as employment in the sector.

Deliveries of the order are scheduled to begin next year.

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