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Winter is coming: Finland sees official 'first snow'

Over two centimetres of snowfall was measured in Kainuu on Friday morning, meeting the required criteria to be declared the 'first snow' of winter 2022.

Image: Karina Huttunen / Yle
Yle News

Finland's first snow of winter 2022 was officially observed on Friday morning.

Three different weather stations located in the Kainuu region of eastern Finland recorded snowfall of between one and two centimetres before 9am, thereby meeting the required criteria to be declared the 'first snow'.

"Winter is coming," Mika Rantanen of the Finnish Meteorological Institute tweeted (siirryt toiseen palveluun).

"The first snow of the season was officially observed today at three different weather stations in Kainuu, Finland: Puolanka Kotila 2 cm, Puolanka Paljakka 2 cm and Ristijärvi Mustavaara 1 cm."

This winter's first sprinkling is unlikely to last very long, as temperatures in the region are expected to rise to 7-9 degrees Celsius over the weekend.

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