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Northern Lights blaze across Finland this weekend

The solar wind will increase over the weekend and as a result, there will be plenty of Northern Lights, possibly also in the skies of southern Finland.

This is how spectacular the northern lights were in the Hamina region in January. Image: Jimi Kauta
Yle News

A spectacular show of northern lights are expected between Saturday and Sunday according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute's forecast.

Anne Borgström, a meteorologist at Yle, estimated that there is a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights in the early hours of the night than in the early hours of the morning because the morning fog affects visibility.

The meteorologist added that it is also important to follow the cloud cover situation, which can be tracked here (siirryt toiseen palveluun).

During the weekend, the solar wind will increase, bringing with it a light show that could possibly be seen in the skies of southern Finland.

The increase in solar wind is tracked to a coronal hole—a temporary cool spot on the sun that disrupts the sun's magnetic field.

"A fast solar wind hits our magnetic field, which is visible as a spectacular light phenomenon," Borgström explained.

Additionally, a coronal mass ejection—a significant discharge of plasma and its magnetic field from the sun's corona—is predicted to arrive sometime this weekend, mixing with the solar wind. However, precise forecasts are unavailable.

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