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Finland's median monthly income surpasses €3,300

The median monthly full-time salary in Finland was 3,314 euros last year, rising from 3,228 in 2020, according to Statistics Finland.

People close to 50 pulled down the highest incomes last year, Statistics Finland says. Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle
Yle News

Figures released by the national number cruncher on Monday indicate that the median monthly full-time salary in Finland was 3,314 euros in 2021.

The median monthly income edged up by 86 euros from 2020, when it was 3,228 euros.

Last year's average total earnings were 3,734 euros, while median earnings came in at 3,663 for men and 3,034 for women.

Matti Lahdenmäki, a senior statistician at the agency, told Yle News that Finland's median monthly earnings have generally ranked in the middle of EU salary tables.

"Finland's median income is above the European average," Lahdenmäki told Yle News, noting that it's higher in Finland than, for example, in France. Germany's median monthly wage is meanwhile in the same neighbourhood as Finland's, he explained.

"But of course median incomes don't provide a complete picture when it comes to comparing the purchasing power in different countries," Lahdenmäki added.

In Finland, the highest earning decile pulled down a monthly wage of at least 5,571 euros, whereas the bottom tenth made an average of 2,302 euros.

People between the ages of 45 and 49 earned the most.

Managers' median incomes totalled nearly 7,000 euros a month while white-collar specialists garnered median monthly salaries of 4,246 euros. The median salary for service and retail sector workers was 2,577 euros.

While a regional earnings breakdown is not yet available, Lahdenmäki said that the latest year for which figure are available—2020—indicated that people living in Helsinki's Uusimaa region earned some ten percent more than average earners living elsewhere in the country.

The 2021 earnings figures encompassed the salaries of some 1.76 million full and part time workers.

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