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Border Guard: More Russians now leaving Finland than arriving

Just 784 Russian citizens entered Finland on Tuesday, down from over 7,000 on Tuesday last week.

File photo of the Vaalimaa crossing point on Finland's eastern border with Russia. Image: Antro Valo / Yle

Fewer than 800 Russian citizens entered Finland via the eastern border on Tuesday, according to figures published on Wednesday by the Finnish Border Guard.

The Tuesday figure represents 100 fewer than Monday, and a fraction of the 7,056 Russians who entered Finland on the previous Tuesday.

"The number of entries has decreased significantly since the restrictions came into force," the Border Guard said in a statement.

Finland closed its border to Russian tourists on Friday last week following a further escalation of political tensions in Europe over Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine.

Russian nationals are still permitted to enter Finland under special conditions, such as work or family visits. A total of 69 Russians were refused entry to Finland at the border on Tuesday.

According to the Border Guard, the vast majority of Russians arriving in Finland in recent weeks are men. Some of the new arrivals told Yle that they want to stay in Finland until the situation in Russia improves, particularly since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilisation of reservists on 21 September.

The figures also revealed that there is more traffic leaving Finland at border crossing points than entering Finland, with 1,289 Russian citizens leaving the country on Tuesday compared to the 784 who arrived.

Tuesday was the fifth day in a row in which more Russians left Finland than arrived.

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