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APN podcast: Who wins, who loses when groceries cost more?

This week's show finds out how social media is impacting family size in Finland and explores the country's supermarket duopoly, which is one of the most concentrated in the world.

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Food prices in Finland are rising, but as consumers feel the pinch, All Points North asks who's benefiting from the crisis.

"We have two groups, S-Group and K-Group that together have over 80 percent market share. Researchers say that kind of duopoly and centralisation tend to raise prices," Tiina Lundell of Yle's investigative unit MOT told APN.

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Food inflation’s winners and losers
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Social media is blamed for many ills, and now scientists say these platforms hold a clue to Finland's falling fertility rate.

"It was indeed shown for Finland that those people who spend a lot of time on social media, they have lower relationship satisfaction, which might also be related to child bearing," Kateryna Golovina of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies explained.

The show also follows up on the friction between fleeing Ukrainians and Russians housed in the same reception facilities.

In addition, the APN audience continues to share their experiences from life in Finland, including accessing public services in English.

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This week's show was presented by Zena Iovino and Matthew Schilke. The sound engineer was Laura Koso.

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