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Government survives confidence vote over electricity prices, Fortum

The motion was tabled by the Finns, Christian Democrat and Movement Now parties.

Eduskunta äänesti hallituksen luottamuksesta. Image: Silja Viitala / Yle
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Prime Minister Sanna Marin's (SDP) government won a confidence vote in Parliament on Friday afternoon by 91 votes to 72, with 36 MPs absent.

The motion of no confidence was preceded by an interpellation by the opposition Finns Party, Christian Democrats and Movement Now over rising electricity prices and the government's ownership steering of energy company Fortum.

The interpellation argued that the government's climate policy was exacerbating the energy crisis.

Responding to the criticism, the cabinet said Russia was to blame for the energy crunch.

While the opposition National Coalition Party (NCP) did not join the interpellation, the party tabled its own no confidence motion in regard to the government's handling of troubled Fortum subsidiary Uniper. The NCP maintained that the government, and particularly the premier, should have done a better job of defending Fortum's position as its subsidiary Uniper was nationalised by the German government.

Shooting back, the government said the biggest mistake was made back in 2017, when Fortum's management moved to acquire gas giant Uniper.

Uniper, a subsidiary of the majority-state-owned Finnish energy firm Fortum, ran into major financial difficulties due to Russia's curtailment of gas exports last summer.

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