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STT: Hungary to ratify Finnish Nato bid

Budapest will approve Finland's Nato bid to join the alliance by mid-December, reports Finnish news agency STT.

Naton päämaja Brysselissä kuvattuna syksyisen pellon takaa.
File photo of Nato headquarters in Brussels. Image: Stephanie Lecocq / EPA
Yle News

Gergely Gulyás, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's chief of staff, on Saturday said the country would ratify Finland's and Sweden's Nato membership by mid-December, reports Finnish news agency STT, citing US news site Politico.

Speaking at a press briefing on Saturday, Gulyás said the government had submitted the ratification documents to the National Assembly.

Hungary and Turkey are the only two Nato members yet to ratify Finland's and Sweden's accession into the alliance.

Finland is meanwhile preparing to send a delegation to Turkey on 25 October for membership talks.

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