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DoS attack targets Yle's streaming service

This week Finnish organisations have seen a spike in denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Miehen kädet kannettavalla tietokoneella.
DoS attacks prevent users from accessing a service by overwhelming its network connections. Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle
Yle News

The National Cyber Security Centre said the number of denial of service (DoS) attacks targeting organisations in Finland had increased over the past few days.

DoS attacks targeted Yle Areena, the national broadcaster's streaming service, on Friday and Saturday. Earlier this week hackers homed in on media sites including business daily Kauppalehti and online newspaper Uusi Suomi.

Websites targeted in DoS attacks are shut down by such large amounts of network traffic that they are unable to function properly.

"This week has seen a few broader attacks," said Juhani Eronen, a leading expert at the National Cyber Security Centre. "When comparing DoS reports from this time last year you don't see a spike like this."

Eronen, however, added that the bump in DoS reports can also simply mean that organisations have become more vigilant about filing reports.

In August, Russian hackers claimed responsibility for denial-of-service attacks on Parliament as well as a Finnish state website. The twin attacks coincided with formal US approval of Finland's Nato membership. Eronen said it was not possible to draw a line from the latest attacks to Russian hackers. He noted that cyber attacks on Finland originate from all over the world.

This autumn has also seen a rise in phishing scams attempting to trick people into providing sensitive information, according to the National Cyber Security Centre. One such scam included fraudsters sending victims emails purportedly from the police. Recipients were asked to click on a pdf document to pay a "fine".

Eronen said the centre has also recorded an upswing in banking scams, with these types of cons often targeting victims via text message.

More than 10,000 DoS attacks target Finnish websites and online services every year. Attacks can be orchestrated by cyber criminals, state actors or private individuals.

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