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Poll: Opposition to fur farming jumps 10% in a year

The industry has faced setbacks this year with exports to China and Russia collapsing.

Fur farming has come. under fire in recent years for its practices of keeping the animals in small cages.
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Opposition to fur farming in Finland has grown even stronger, according to a recent Taloustutkimus survey.

Roughly 80 percent of the respondents did not agree with the current system of farming— where animals live in small cages with no opportunity for species-specific behaviour. 

Opposition increased by around 10 percentage points since last year, when the figure was roughly 71 percent. 

Women and young people, especially those aged 15-24, were particularly opposed to fur farming. In total, 85 percent of young people opposed the practice and only 5 percent of women said that fur farming should continue without restrictions. 

More than a third of respondents would allow fur farming to continue if better living conditions for the animals were guaranteed. Among the respondents, 16 percent would allow fur farming to continue without restrictions.

More than 1,000 people responded to the survey by telephone between October and November.

The survey was commissioned by the animal rights organisations Animalia and Oikeutta eläimille.

Rough year for fur farms

The total number of fur farms in Finland has fallen to just over 500. The sector has also been hit by a sharp rise in energy costs. 

While the industry claims there is a demand for the furs, China's Covid restrictions and the halting of Russian exports has heavily impacted the sector. Higher energy and feed prices are also squeezing the industry. 

The majority of Finland's fur farms are located in Finland's western Ostrobothnia regions. 

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