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Government to auction 4g network

The government is auction the 800 megahertz frequency band for 4g mobile services. Sales of the spectrum space could bring at least 100 million euros into state coffers.

HD-lähetin mastossa
DNA:n masto Helsingin Oulunkylässä on jo saanut HD-lähettimensä. Image: YLE

Better wireless internet services will be available from the 4g network. Subscribers could be offered up to 26 megabytes also in remote areas.

Frenquecy spectrum auctions are common place in Europe. A trial auction was staged in Finland in 2009. The 4g network will be up for grabs by next year at the latest.

Some of the licences for the new network will include a condition to provide a service covering 95 percent of the population within three years and a 99 percent coverage within five years.

Sources: Yle

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