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Finnish Medical Association Opposes Circumcisions in Public Health Care

The Finnish Medical Association opposes the idea of using public funds to perform non-medical circumcisions on young boys. The FMA also says that non-medical circumcisions do not fit in well with Finnish culture, in which the inviolability of the body is respected.

The association also calls on doctors to take an understanding view of parents asking for circumcision, and advises doctors to talk to the parents, and to try to persuade them to postpone the procedure to a time when the child himself can decide on the procedure.

Earlier this month the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health recommended that public health care facilities should provide religiously-motivated non-medical circumcisions. The recommendation was motivated by concern about complications resulting from the procedure if it is done at home with inadequate hygiene.

Male circumcision is a religious ritual in Judaism and Islam. In addition, although the medical benefits of the procedure have been disputed, circumcision of baby boys is common in the United States.


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