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Treasure Trove Found in Lapland

Avaa Yle-sovelluksessa

A historical treasure trove has been discovered in Finnish Lapland. The Board of Antiquities is calling it the find of the century.

Four large silver necklaces weighing more than two kilos were found in Nanguniemi in Inari, hidden in a rocky crevice.

According to archaeologists' preliminary estimates, the necklaces are probably from the 12th or 13th century. The artefacts were possibly brought to Finland by Vikings.

The discovery is the first of its kind in northern Finland. Similar discoveries have been made further south in Kuusamo as well as in northern Norway.

There have been very few archaeological excavations around Lake Inari. Archaeologists say the area where the find was made should be carefully examined as soon as possible in the hope of further discoveries.

The artefacts will be sent to Helsinki for closer examination, after which they will be placed on display at the Sami museum, Siida, in Inari.

Finnish News Agency