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Spring Blossoms Peek Out

Warm weather has brought more signs of spring to southern parts of the country. The season's first wildflowers, the blue hepatica, and even Common Brimstone butterflies were seen over the holiday weekend in many places.

Sinivuokko pilkistää kuivuneiden lehtien keskeltä.
Image: YLE

Finland's south and west coasts are almost free of snow. However, inland snow is still plentiful in many places.

Inka Plit, who is coordinating spring observations for the Finnish Nature League, says spring is proceeding at a normal pace.

"Spring was early in the past two years. That is why this year it may seem a little late, but it is well within the limits of normal timing. If it keeps up like this, we'll be having quite an average spring," she says.

This is the third year that the Finnish Nature League has carried out special spring observations of plants, insects, reptiles and migratory birds.

Spring may, however, back up a bit this coming week, with an expected stream of cold air moving down from the far north.

Sources: YLE

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