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Cash for Olympic Stadium Repairs

The Ministry of Education is to grant the sum of four million euros for the renovation of the 70 year-old Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. In practice, the cash will come from the City of Helsinki.

Olympiastadionin rapistunut torni
Myös Olympiastadionin rapistunut torni kaipaa remonttia. Image: YLE Uusimaa

The stadium tower is in the most urgent need of repair as some of its original panels are in very poor condition. Exit routes and facilities for the public will also be repaired.

Maija Innanen, CEO of the Olympic Stadium Foundation, suggested earlier the funds available would even cover the cost of repairing its track. However, a full scale review of the stadium’s condition will be made by the end of this year but the available funds are precisely allocated.

Sources: YLE

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