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Finns Reticent on Sexual Difficulties

Over half of the Finnish population endure problems related to sexual health at sometime during their lives, a new survey suggests. Very few, though, seek medical assistance. Men suffer from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction while women complain of a lack of desire and difficulties in achieving an orgasm.

Miehen ja naisen siluetit seinällä.
Image: Arja Lento/Yle

One third of Finnish men suffer from premature ejaculation and one quarter from erectile dysfunction.

In many cases, sufferers do not seek medical assistance. According to a survey commissioned by the Janssen-Cilag pharmaceutical firm, only one out of ten Finnish men suffering from sexually-related difficulties visits a physician. An equally large number have, however, considered seeking help.

Despite problems, Finns appear to rather content with their sex lives, the survey indicates. Respondents describe sex with their partner to be safe, close, open and relaxing. Two thirds of those questioned considered themselves desirable and sex enjoyable.

Just over 1,100 people between the ages of 16 and 70 were interviewed for the survey carried out by media firm Pohjoisranta and pollster TNS-Gallup.

Sources: YLE

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