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Beauty contest highlights a changing Finland

Newly-crowned Miss Finland Sara Chafak is the country’s second mixed heritage official beauty queen. Speaking on YLE breakfast TV on Friday, the Finnish-Moroccan student took a stand against bullying.

Miss Suomi Sara Chafak
Miss Suomi Sara Chafak Image: YLE

Growing up in an eastern suburb of Helsinki, Chafak, 21, says she witnessed school bullying and marginalisation, and says she wants to promote tolerance and understanding during her time in the spotlight.

“You can’t undo trouble you get into when you’re young later,” she says.

Chafak acknowledges that the face of Finland is changing.

“I’m an example of this—that there’s other blood here."

Fifteen years ago Lola Odusoga Wallinkoski, a Nigerian-Finnish model, broke the Finnish beauty world mold. Chafak says Wallinkoski’s win was a source of inspiration.

“When Lola won, she looked fantastic and glamorous,” Chafak says. "I want to make the country proud and show the world that Finland has beautiful women."

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