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Finland caps refugees at 750 -- again

Finland will mainly admit Afghan, Burmese and Congolese asylum seekers in its refugee quota this year. The 2012 quota stands at 750 persons, a level unchanged since 2001.

Kiintiöpakolaisia saapuu Vöyrin kuntaan syyskuussa 2010.
Image: Yle

This year Finland will resettle 200 Afghan refugees from Iran, 150 Burmese refugees from Thailand and 150 Congolese from Rwanda. A pool of 150 people will also be admitted from Iraq, Iran and Somalia. Finland is also prepared to take in an additional 100 emergency cases.

Finland began readmitting Afghans in 2010 after blocking their entrance to the country as refugees in 2005. At the time Finnish officials believed conditions in the country would rapidly improve.

Within its refugee quota, Finland accepts for resettlement persons defined as refugees by the UNHCR (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and others who are in need of international protection. The refugee quota is verified in the state budget for each year.

Sources: YLE

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