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Helsinki Drops Muslim Women-Only Pool Sessions

The City of Helsinki will stop reserving special hours for Muslim women to use the public pool in Jakomäki. In the future, the timeslot for Muslim ladies will be open to all women.

Kuvassa uimaradan köysi altaassa.
Image: Kia-Frega Prepula / Yle

Other swimmers had criticised the practice, according to Teemu Raatikainen, who manages the pool.

Previously, the Jakomäki swimming hall blocked off Saturday mornings specifically for Muslim women. The women's session followed a swimming class for Muslim girls.

The Jakomäki pool reopened on Wednesday after being closed for renovation. From now on, the pool will be open to all women—and off-limits to men—on Tuesday evenings.

The refurbished facility boasts new pool cleaning technology in addition to updated washrooms and saunas.

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