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Bangladeshi Cleaners Paid Slave Wages in Finland

Foreign cleaners work long hours for tiny wages in Finland, according to a YLE current affairs programme.

Kaksi siivoojaa siivoaa lattiaa
Kiinteistöpalvelualan kaksipäiväinen lakko alkaisi ensi viikolla. Image: Mika Kanerva

People-smuggling crimes are rapidly increasing in Finland. Immigrants are in a particularly weak position in the labour market and are at risk of discrimination and mistreatment.

If workers are forced to work unreasonable hours for less than the minimum wage, the crime in question is people trafficking.

Two Bangladeshi men who came to Finland two years ago told their stories in Tuesday’s Ajankohtainen Kakkonen programme for YLE's TV2. A Finnish employer set them on as night workers in the beginning.

For the first two months they received no wages at all, and when they finally did receive money the sum was just 200 euros.

Both men had invested 15,000 euros in their emigration to Finland, which was paid to traffickers. The majority of the costs were met with debt, and so the men worked seven days a week in an effort to pay them off.

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Sources: YLE

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