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Egyptians in Finland Demonstrate

Egyptians living in Finland turned out in downtown Helsinki Saturday to show solidarity for protesters in their homeland.

Suomessa asuvien egyptiläisten mielenosoitus Helsingissä
Image: Kari Nihti / YLE

The protest action began in front of the Egyptian Embassy in the Kaivopuisto area, before progressing to the Finnish Parliament and the Central Railway Station.

Like their countrymen at home, the group is calling for the immediate resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

On Friday night Mubarak fired his cabinet ahead of forming a new government. However he himself did not bow to pressure to step down from office.

Egyptian doctor Ahmed Geneid was present during the peaceful protest, in which a few dozen Egyptians participated. He said he was thrilled by the idea that Mubarak would finally step down.

"He's been there for thirty years, and we don't have freedom or democracy. Unemployment has risen and the government has become corrupt, so the only solution is for Mubarak to go," he declared.

Geneid says he hopes to see a time after Mubarak, which would bring freedom and democracy.

Sources: YLE

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