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Nokia Employees Stage Walk Out in Tampere

About 1,000 Employees at Nokia’s Tampere location staged a walkout Friday afternoon to air their concerns over the fate of those working the Symbian mobile phone operating system.

Nokian tylntekijöitä poistumassa tiedotustilaisuudesta
Työntekijät poistuivat Nokian tiedotustilaisuudesta odottavin mielin. Image: YLE Tampere

A large part of the Tampere operation is dedicated to development of the Symbian platform. On Friday morning, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced a collaboration with Microsoft that would see Windows Phone replace Symbian as the platform of choice for Nokia smart phones.

Harri Törmänen, President of the supervisory staff association at Nokia’s Tampere offices said that the walkout took place within the limits of flexible working hours.

“This walkout is the employees’ first reaction to Nokia’s new plans. We’re letting off some steam. About half of the workforce walked off the job,” he added.

The workers will return to work on Monday.

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