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Soini Aims for Outright Victory at the Polls

Timo Soini, chair of the populist True Finns, has abandoned the idea of working in a non-consensual government coalition.

Timo Soini räntäsateessa.
Image: YLE

Soini was reacting to the curt rejection by the National Coalition and Centre parties of his view that the True Finns should be allowed to oppose the permanent European Stability Mechanism in a coalition government. Instead, Soini has decided to aim for a landslide victory at the polls that would put today’s government partners on the opposition benches.

On Monday, Soini found himself in the eye of a political storm when he said he would join a coalition government if the True Finns could vote against supporting the EU debt crisis package. After a tongue-lashing from the Centre and National Coalition parties, he was left licking his wounds.

“If the old parties say that we’re either part of government or not, that message is clear,” he conceded.

Down but not out, Soini believes that today’s Parliamentary top dogs could find themselves in the back benches. Then the tables will turn.

“Now we will aim for outright victory at the polls, and make a referendum of this matter so that today’s major government partners will become minor players,” he declared.

Soini says the government seems to consider the True Finns’ pre-election poll popularity to be a fluke that will crumble with the party’s support base. However he remains unruffled.

“If and when mistakes happen, I will take responsibility for all of them. God protect us from a leader who never makes mistakes,” he quipped.

Soini also energetically refuted claims that he was prepared to compromise his party’s fundamental principles.

“I have not been involved in any political horse trading. Our position is clear: we oppose temporary and permanent stability mechanisms,” he emphasised.

Sources: YLE

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