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Police to Investigate MP’s Racist-Flavoured Comments

The Deputy Prosecutor General has transferred complaints about comments made by a newly-minted True Finns Member of Parliament over to Helsinki police for further investigation.

Perussuomalaisten kansanedustaja Teuvo Hakkarainen.
Perussuomalaisten kansanedustaja Teuvo Hakkarainen. Image: Yle

The Office of the Ombudsman for Minorities requested an investigation on the basis of comments about immigrants made by True Finns MP Teuvo Hakkarainen.

A previous criminal report about Hakkarainen’s comments had been lodged by a private individual at the Helsinki Police Precinct. The Deputy Prosecutor decided to handle both matters at the same time, and also transferred the Ombudsman’s request to the same police officials for investigation.

The inquiry concerns comments made by Hakkarainen in video released by the mainstream daily Helsingin Sanomat, in which the Viitasaari resident used the N-word to complain about certain kinds of immigrants arriving at Finland’s borders and warned that minarets would arise all over Helsinki and disturb people’s peace with calls to prayer. He also mockingly imitated a call to prayer.

The Office of the Prosecutor General said that the police would decide on the timetable for the investigation and what, if any further action should be taken.

Sources: YLE

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