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Ville Niinistö elected as new Green League chair

Green League parliamentarian Ville Niinistö has been elected as the party’s new Chairperson. He received 55.5% of votes in a consultative membership ballot on Saturday at the party’s conference in Kuopio. The incumbent Chair, Anni Sinnemäki, came third while Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto was second.

Ville Niinistö vihreiden puoluekokouksessa.
Ville Niinistö vihreiden puoluekokouksessa. Image: Yle

Some 65 percent of party members took part in the vote. The party conference decided to elect the vote winner with the acceptance of all participants.

34 year-old Ville Niinistö from Turku was elected as an MP in 2007 and served as party Deputy Chair from 2005 to 2007.

Speaking to delegates, Niinistö described himself as a “social liberal.” He called for the return of nature and environmental protection to the center of green politics.

Niinistö is married to Maria Wetterstrand, an MP of Sweden’s Miljöpartiet de Grönan.

Outgoing Anni Sinnemäki served as party Chair for two years.

Sources: YLE

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