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Finnish Red Cross demands first aid training in schools

The Finnish Red Cross is continuing its efforts to promote the introduction of first aid courses into the country’s school classrooms and in motoring schools. According to the organization, over one-third of road accident deaths could be prevented by resuscitation of an unconscious victim.

SPR:n keräyslippaita.
SPR:n hätäapukeräys katastrofien ja kriisien uhreille alkoi toissa maanantaina. Image: YLE

Delegates at the organization’s general conference held in Lahti on Saturday said first aid instruction should be incorporated into health studies in Finnish classrooms.

Currently some 150,000 professional drivers receive first aid training. The Red Cross says the basics of first aid can be assimilated within a couple of hours with longer courses provided for more detailed help.

Over 1,000 people attended the general conference of the Finnish Red Cross.

Sources: YLE

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