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Four employees of defense company Patria found guilty of fraud

Pirkanmaa District Court dismissed bribery charges against defense company Patria as a whole, but four employees received suspended sentences for fraud and other charges.

Miehistönkuljetusvaunua kootaan tehtaalla.
Kroatian tilaamia Patria AMV-miehistönkuljetusvaunuja koottiin Djuro Djakovicin tehtailla Slavonski Brodissa. Image: Yle

The four Patria employees were found guilty of serious accounting fraud, accounting fraud and complicity in those crimes.

The case went to court when Patria was suspected of bribery when hashing out weapons deals with Egypt.

Patria is also under investigation for bribing Slovenia’s former prime minister Janez Jansa and Slovenia’s Ministry of Defense, in connection with the sale of 135 armoured vehicles - a deal worth 278 million euros.

Patria is a Finnish company which produces a wide range of defence, aviation and aerospace technology.

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