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PM Katainen: Guarantees needed for new Greek bail-out loan

Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen has admitted that Finnish demands for guarantees for a new aid package to Greece have divided opinions within the EU. He said a decision on the issue is expected next week.

Jyrki Katainen EU:n huippukokouksen jälkeen Brysselissä 24. kesäkuuta.
Jyrki Katainen EU:n huippukokouksen jälkeen Brysselissä 24. kesäkuuta. Image: YLE Uutiset

“We are endeavoring to find a solution that suits both Finland and other nations,” Katainen said at the end of the EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels.

The European Union has promised an additional loan to Greece only if it ratifies the latest package of austerity measures.

In Katainen’s view, a solution for Greece requires strict provisions in order to protect Finland and the whole of Europe from a new financial crisis. Any decision, he added, would require the blessing of the Finnish parliament.

Finland’s new Prime Minister also received congratulations at the summit meeting.

“Many colleagues were interested in the Finnish election outcome and as to how many parties are actually in the coalition government,” he explained.

The Prime Minister added many leaders had followed the election result and government formation talks closely.

Sources: YLE

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