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Light phenomenon excites Uusimaa meteor spotters

An extraordinary light phenomenon was visible in the southern province of Uusimaa on Monday night. Eyewitnesses described the phenomenon as a yellow ball with a green trailing flash.

Tätä valkoista ainetta luultiin meteoriitin aiheuttamaksi. Image: YLE

The sighting could have been a meteorite around the size of a football, according to Marko Pekkola, editor of the Tähdet ja avaruus (Stars and space) magazine.

Locals found a possible landing site for a meteorite near a beach in the town of Järvenpää. The site had a white granular substance covering an area around half a metre in diameter.

A police patrol arrived on the scene and confirmed the eyewitnesses’ story. Later the authorities stated that the site was probably not connected with the meteorite.

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Sources: YLE

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