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H1N1 vaccine link with narcolepsy confirmed

Officials on Thursday confirmed that the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix has increased the number of narcolepsy cases in Finland.

Narkolepsiatyöryhmän loppuraportin mukaan Pandemrix-rokote lisäsi narkolepsiatapauksia Suomessa. Image: YLE

A final report by the National Narcolepsy Task Force finds that among children and adolescents, the risk of developing narcolepsy increased over 12-fold.

The vaccine was not found to have the same impact on narcolepsy risks among those under 4 and over 19 years of age.

The ball is now in the court of the medical insurance pool, which will formally decide whether or not compensation will be paid out to the affected families. Eighty-six compensation claims have been lodged to date.

Narcolepsy compensation expected in late autumn

European authority confirms vaccine link with narcolepsy

Panel Confirms H1N1 Vaccine Link with Narcolepsy

Sources: YLE

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