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Ten suspects in arms deal bribery investigation

Ten people in Finland are suspected of aggravated bribery in connection with the sale of armoured vehicles to the Slovenian Defense Ministry by the Finnish company Patria.

Patrian AMV 8x8-panssariajoneuvo.
Image: Patria

Preliminary investigation findings related to bribery were published by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Monday.

The investigation into sales by Patria Vehicles Oy to Slovenia began in 2008. During the course of the investigation, the NBI has gathered information concerning suspected bribery both in Finland and abroad.

In addition to bribery, the NBI has been looking at suspicions of industrial espionage on the part of six individuals. One person is also being investigated for giving false testimony.

The results of the preliminary investigation are to be turned over to the State Prosecutor's Office after the start of the new year.

Some charges have already been brought in the affair in Slovenia and Austria.

Sources: YLE

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