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Finland cool on new EU tire rules

An EU regulation stipulating that car tires must feature a sticker detailing information on their environmental credentials is causing consternation in Finland.

Lähikuva kitkarenkaasta
Lamelloidussa kitkarenkaassa ei ole lainkaan nastoja tai nastan paikkoja, vaan sen pito perustuu kuviointiin ja kumiseokseen. Image: Laura Holappa / YLE

Tires produced for Finnish conditions do not do well in the wet-weather fuel economy testing used by the EU to determine a product’s effect on the environment.

The tires that do reduce fuel consumption in wet weather are not very effective in the ice and snow common further north, according to the Ministry of Transport’s Senior Engineer, Juha Valtonen. He believes that Finnish consumers could be misled into purchasing the wrong winter tires if the current sticker plan is implemented unchanged.

Finland is lobbying the other Nordic countries and the EU to try and get an icy conditions label in place of or alongside the one relating to wet weather conditions.

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