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Rare Viking age silver hoard found

A thousand year-old buried hoard of silver coins has been uncovered in a field of the Vesunta Manor House at Hattula in southern Häme. Discovered by amateur archeologists using a metal detector, the National Board of Antiquities hopes to start an excavation at the site next summer.

Thought to date back to the Viking age, the hoard was discovered earlier this autumn, but only recently reported by the regional newspaper Hämeen Sanomat.

The coins in the hoard, about two dozen pieces, are estimated to be around a thousand years old.

Eeva-Liisa Schulz of the National Board of Antiquities told Hämeen Sanomat that the fields around Vesunta Manor are known to contain features of archeological interest and have yielded up ancient artifacts in the past.

"But, indeed, this kind of find is very exceptional," Schulz noted.

The site of the find has been declared a protected area. The general public is allowed to visit location, but any digging in the fields is prohibited.

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