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Police Investigate Facebook Threats Against Migration Minister

Minister of Migration and European Affairs Astrid Thors has asked the police to investigate threats of violence made against her on Facebook. Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero says he is taking the threats made against the minister seriously.

Image: YLE

A Facebook group has issued threats against Thors during the past two days. Thors has decided to press charges saying the comments can no longer be justified as free speech.

Thors added that when internet discussions became so agressive in nature, the danger exists that innocent people could suffer.

”Those that encourage racially motivated attacks are morally responsible if they are carried out,” she noted.

Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero said the authorities took the threats seriously. He promised to determine who was responsible for the threats, after which police would decide what action to take.

The tabloid newspaper Ilta Sanomat claimed a councillor in the province of Häme operates the Facebook group responsible for the threats.

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