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Crackdown on Speeding Keeps More Motorists in Check

Police say a campaign to crack down on speeding has fewer motorists driving at extreme speeds. However, speed cameras are catching more motorists driving slightly over the limit.

Poliisi valvoo ajonopeuksia.
Leveäkaistateillä ohitellaan usein sakkojen tai jopa ajo-oikeuden menettämisen arvoisesti. Image: Yle / Arttu Horttanainen

“During the first three months of last year, we handed out over 5,800 tickets to motorists driving more than 21 kilometres over the limit. This year during the same period, the number fell to 3,000,” says Heikki Ihalainen of the National Police Board.

The number of traffic deaths also decreased from the start of October. However, road fatalities seemed to be on the rise again in February.

”From the beginning of October, we have had about 60 fewer road fatalities than during the same period the previous year. However, the recession has played the most significant role in that. When there are fewer heavy vehicles on the road, there are fewer fatal accidents,” says Ihalainen.

Meanwhile, police are issuing more tickets to speeders caught on camera. During the first quarter of last year, police sent out over 12,000 warnings and fines to drivers caught speeding on camera. This year during the same period, the number was over 40,000.

Sources: YLE

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