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Finnish Woman Conquers Everest

Mountain climber Carina Räihä reached the summit of Mt. Everest in the early hours on Monday. She is the first Finnish woman to scale the world's highest peak.

Vuorikiipeilijöitä Perussa.
Tätä ennen Carina Räihän korkein valloitus tapahtui Perussa noin 6 000 metrin korkeudessa. Image: Carina Räihän kotialbumi

The successful attempt by the 43-year-old Räihä to the summit of Everest began last month. She left her job about 18 months ago to devote herself to the preparations for the climb.

Fewer than 10 Finns have reached the summit of Mt. Everest. Last year, the first fully Finnish expedition reached the 8848-metre peak in Nepal.

"The feeling is indescribably wonderful," Räihä told her support team by satellite phone from the summit. "Each of us wants to fulfil our dreams and now I have fulfilled one of mine. Later, I'm sure to understand all this better."

Sources: YLE

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