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Nord Stream Pipeline Moves into Gulf of Finland

Construction of the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany has begun in Finland's offshore economic zone. About 175 kilometres of the pipeline have been laid in Swedish waters and the line is now being extended into the western Gulf of Finland.

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The first section of pipeline scheduled for construction in Finnish waters is 375 kilometres in length. A short part is to be completed this summer. Most of the length will be constructed during the autumn and winter months from the east. The section of the gas pipeline running along the seabed through Finland's economic zone will lie about 30 kilometres off the coast at a depth of 40-200 meters.

The first Nord Stream pipeline is scheduled for completion in 2011. A second line is planned for 2012.

Once in operation, Nord Stream will carry around 55 billion cubic metres of natural gas annual from Russia to Germany.

Sources: YLE

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