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Pharmacies Run Short of Snake Bite Kits

Both pharmacies and producers have been surprised by this summer's high demand for snake bite kits. Pharmacies in many parts of the country are sold out of the kits, but new stocks are expected to be in late this week.

Image: Pentti Palmu / Yle

Demand was boosted by a large number of early summer reports of adders, and expectations among the public that a warm summer could mean an increase in the population of these poisonous snakes. The same kits are used to treat adverse reactions to wasp and bee stings, which are also always a part of the summer scene.

Sales of the kits have been so brisk that wholesalers’ stocks ran out early in the summer. They have now been resupplied and distributors say kits will be back on the shelves within a few days.

Sources: YLE

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