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“Blood Metal” in Nokia Phones?

Suspicions have been raised according to which mobile telephones manufactured by Nokia contain metal whose sale helps finance the ongoing civil war in Congo. Nokia says that it will place greater scrutiny on the origin if its raw materials.

Nokian puhelimen testailua puhelinliikkeessä
Image: YLE

The online financial publication Taloussanomat writes that experts from Finland and the United States investigating the ethics of corporate activities suspect that the Finnish mobile phone giant uses tin from mines which help fund Congolese rebel groups.

According to researcher Päivi Pöyhönen of FinnWatch, an organisation which tracks subcontracting chains of the electronics industry, most of the tin used in the circuit boards of Nokia telephones come from smelters in the east of Congo.

Two years ago, a Danish study revealed that Nokia phones contained cobalt from mines from conflict areas in Congo. The study by DanWatch, also raised suspicions that mobile phones manufactured by LG, Motorola, and Samsung contained metals originating in the same areas.

Nokia to Investigate Subcontracting Chain

Nokia says that it will place greater scrutiny on the origin if its raw materials. The company says that it has already required its suppliers to make sure that the raw materials used in the company’s phones must not originate in conflict zones.

However. the company still does not intend to make a full public disclosure of its subcontracting chain.

Nokia’s internal investigation is related at least to some degree to legislation passed in the United States last week, which obliges companies listed in the New York Stock Exchange to disclose to officials whether or not raw materials that it uses are of Congolese origin.

Sources: YLE

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