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Survey: Majority Favour Gender Neutral Marriage Law

A survey commissioned by YLE indicates a majority of Finns favour a gender neutral law on marriage that would give both gay and hetero couples the same rights. Some 54 percent of those questioned said they supported a change in the law.

Miespari laittaa toisilleen sormuksia sormeen.
Image: Yle

Young people were most in favour of a change in legislation. However one-third of all those questioned were opposed to same-sex marriage. Nevertheless, a majority of people belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church favoured a new law.

Opposition was strongest mainly among supporters of the Christian Democrat, True Finns and Centre parties. Support was greatest among Green League voters. However, few people wanted the issue to be center stage in next year’s general election campaign.

Deputy Chair, Elina Laavi of Finland's LGBT rights organization SETA expressed delight at the survey result.

“This is most encouraging and makes me feel that Finland could genuinely be also the best place for gay people to live with equal rights and opportunities, “she noted. Laavi added she hoped legislative change could take place in the term of the next parliament.

Over 1,000 people were interviewed for the survey conducted by pollster Taloustutkimus.

The issue of gender neutral marriage has sparked controversy within the Evangelical Lutheran Church with some bishops even suggesting it could even relinquish its role of solemnizing marriages if legislation were changed.

Sources: YLE

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