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Finpro: Finnish Firms Must Seek New Market Areas

Finpro, an organisation which promotes internationalisation among Finnish companies, says firms should look beyond traditional trading areas for new markets.

Image: Yle

It says Africa and South America could offer more significant market opportunities for Finnish companies than those markets where competition is tough.

For instance, the east African nations surrounding Lake Victoria are home to little competition.

A mobile community is taking root in these areas, and cell phones are replacing many health centre and bank services. Mixem Solutions, a small Helsinki-based company, has had its sights set on this region for several years.

The company will soon launch a mobile phone application for pregnant women in these areas. The service will send expectant women daily health updates.

“Finns are reluctant to take new markets on board,” claims Kari Häyrinen, CEO of Finpro, formerly known as the Finnish Foreign Trade Association.

He envisions a decade of new growth where 10,000 new “small Nokias” would take the Finnish economy to new heights.

Finpro says firms should adopt a policy to be in markets where growth is being born. The organisation is opening three new offices in Africa to help Finnish businesses gain a foothold.

Sources: YLE

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