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Thors Proposes Compulsory Preschool Education for Immigrant Children

Minister of Migration and European Affairs Astrid Thors proposes that preschool education be made compulsory for immigrant children. This would help their integration into Finnish society as well as giving them a better chance in accessing post-comprehensive school education, she argues.

Maahanmuuttoministeri Astrid Thors
Image: YLE

Speaking at a seminar on the significance of language to societal integration on Thursday, the Minister stressed the importance of early learning to children's school careers and integration.

Thors noted that the foundation for learning in Finnish or Swedish is laid at a preschool age. Such early education strengthens children's dispositions for learning as well as providing them with skills important for school.

Compared with students nationwide, immigrants are twice as likely to drop out of education after graduating from the upper level of comprehensive school, according to statistics of the Finnish National Board of Education. Insufficient language skills are blamed for the immigrant youths’ failure to go onto further training.

Sources: YLE

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