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Clairvoyants Seize Economic Crisis

The increasingly hectic pace of life has sent people searching for answers. Uncertainty triggered by the tough economic climate is fostering a market—and demand—for fortune tellers and soothsayers.

Image: Yle

A job ad for a clairvoyant was recently posted on the employment website of the city of Oulu. Within a week, some 200 people applied for the position.

Skepsis, an association encouraging impartial scientific investigation into claims of paranormal phenomena, says human nature hasn’t changed much despite advances in education and technology.

“People are perhaps seeking simpler solutions to their problems. Today’s world is perhaps too complex for some,” says Juha Vuorio, a spokesman for Skepsis.

He adds that the pace of change today is quicker than at any other time in human history.

According to Vuorio, people posing as clairvoyants are generally empathetic, allowing them to tune in to the mindset of the other party.

”It seems as if many people have a selective memory. If a person wants to believe something, he will choose to remember things that support his own beliefs.”

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