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Firms Honoured for Everyday Innovations

President Tarja Halonen has presented the 17th annual Innofinland awards to three companies. This year’s theme focused on the practical applications of innovation. The prize went to innovations in ski coating, patient clothing and internet safety.

Potilasta valmistellaan leikkaukseen
Image: YLE

Matti Järvinen Sport from Lappeenranta has patented a nanotechnology-based ski coating that helps skiers glide in practically any condition.

Another company from Eastern Finland, the Kuopio-based Telespro Finland, meanwhile nabbed the prize for special garb that helps patients maintain body temperature while undergoing surgery.

The third winner is WOT (Web of Trust) Service from Helsinki, which was awarded for its innovative use of "the wisdom of the crowds" to warn internet users when they are about to visit a website that may pose threats such as phishing, scams, identity theft or inappropriate content for children.

Launched in 1994, Innofinland promotes the development of novel inventions into commercial products. The initiative also aims to foster entrepreneurship in Finland.

Sources: YLE

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